Geek Syndicate to Host Exclusive Special Events at ICE 2015

Geek Syndicate on BBC iPlayer

Geek Syndicate on BBC iPlayer

The two coolest geeks on the planet, Barry Nugent and David Monteith of the legendary podcast Geek Syndicate and BBC fame are to host a series of exciting and fun events at this year’s ICE and we could not be more thrilled!

In 2006, the Geek Syndicate was born. And who came roaring out but a pair of crazy-yet-loveable geeks by the names David “Monts” Monteith and Barry “Nuge” Nugent, producing a weekly podcast celebrating and commenting all aspects of geek life. It’s critically acclaimed, irreverent, touching, intellectual, nonsensical, fairly drunken, incredibly sexy, hilarious…er…and stuff.

Over the years, the Geek Syndicate team has expanded to become an international team with staff based in the US and UK. Everyone’s a hardcore geek and come from all walks of life. Real life? Ok so yes, we’ve all got “normie” jobs, but our inner geek will never be denied.

GS has the inside track on loads of geek-related things including articles on comics, games and tech, book, movie and TV reviews and the most important topic of all…whisky!

nuge_bioBarry Nugent is one of the founders of the Geek Syndicate podcast/website which has been running since 2006. He is also the founder of Unseen Shadows, a company created to expand the world created within the pages of his pulp adventure novel Fallen Heroes using comics.

montsDavid Monteith was a biologist (ask about his Darth Vader claim to fame) and then a social sector practitioner. However he is now primarily an actor, and has acted in Poland and the Czech Republic and is insanely proud of having to deliver Shakespeare in both of those languages. He is also a teacher, director, coach and social network consultant. He is the other half of the Geek Syndicate podcast

As well as doing the podcast and running the website the guys have recently made the jump to the small screen by presenting two films for the BBC iPlayer.

The full ICE free events schedule , which also includes an interview with Bob Layton hosted by Paul H Birch is currently being developed and will be announced here on the website and on our facebook page in the Summer.