Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are going to be associated with a comic convention it may as well be the Britain’s Coolest! 

Sponsoring The International Comic Expo and/or Comics Uncovered means that you are helping to support a vital arts event within the West Midlands and Britain as a whole that promotes literacy and the visual arts and also brings thousands of visitors to the area of the event.


Sponsorship Packages:
There are five different levels of Sponsorship that are available if you wish to fund our events (we are also happy to discuss tailored packages to suit your requirements):

Main Expo Sponsor (x1 place available)
The main sponsor of the expo is associated with every event at all levels. We include your logo/ name and – if applicable – tagline in all of our advertising, marketing and promotion. This would include any Radio, TV or press advertising or publicity as well as full coverage on our main website (with a live link to your site if applicable). You have the option of being featured within our main titles in the form of “Your name” presents ICE – Britain’s Coolest Comic Convention, or Comics Uncovered Brought to you by “Your name”. Alternative titles may also be considered if applicable.
You would be allowed to display banners and posters within the expo venue and – if applicable – given up to four standard 6×6’ areas of exhibition space within the main event hall.
Your staff would be given free access to the expo as visitors, up to a maximum of 100 free passes, and finally you would be given up to two pages of advertising space within the printed and digital events guide, with your logo appearing on the cover artwork. A minimum of 1000 copies will be printed and given away to visitors.
The amount required for main sponsorship is negotiable starting at £12,000

Official Expo Sponsor (x4 places available)
An official Expo sponsor is listed on the website as such (with a live link to your site if applicable including your logo and a large banner) and is given up to 20 free entry passes to the show.
They also have the option of a free exhibition table at the event and a free full page advertisement within the events guide.
The amount required for official sponsorship is £3000

Guest Sponsor

If you are a comics retailer or publisher you may like to sponsor a guest at the expo. Guest sponsorship. For this you will receive free banner advertising on our website, up to 2 free tables  a full page advert in our event guide and the guest you sponsor will be based at your complimentary table. This is a great opportunity to maximise your exposure and profits at the event itself and beyond.

The amount required for guest sponsorship is £2000

Event Sponsor (14x places available each year)
During the weekend of the expo various smaller events are scheduled including panels, quizzes, interviews and screenings. You can sponsor one such event. Your name will be listed as the event sponsor both on our website (with a live link to your site if applicable) and in the events guide. Your company name will also be mentioned at both the beginning and end of the event as event sponsor with a “thank you” from the host.
The amount required to sponsor an event is £500

Competition Sponsor
You can sponsor our various competitions, providing prizes for the winners. These prizes can be cash prizes for adult competitions and non cash prizes for children’s competitions.
You can also suggest competitions to the organisers, such as prize draws to win your products.
You will be listed on our website as a competition sponsor with your company name mentioned with a thank you in the competition text and mentioned when prizes are awarded at the expo.
The amount required to sponsor a competition is £100

To find out more about our sponsorship opportunities or to talk about a tailored package to suit your company’s needs please call Event Director Shane Chebsey on: 07843443340 or email us at: smallzone.events@gmail.com and put “Sponsorship Enquiry” in the subject bar for a swift reply.