We have invited comic creators from all over the world to attend the 2020 Birmingham Expo, and these will be announced in the next few months, however our homegrown talent is also well represented.










We never list guests until they are fully confirmed. However guests do appear subject to work commitments.

Other professional creators are also welcome to attend ICE for free as attending professionals, however only guest can attend Comics Uncovered for free.

If you are a full time professional comic creator and would like to apply for free Attending Professional status please email us at:

9 thoughts on “Guests

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  4. Bring back some of the amazing British guests you had last year. Definitely Glenn Fabry and John mccrea, Charlie adlard and John Bolton were also amazing at the 2017 ice expo. So friendly, approachable and eager to chat (even tho they’re absolute legends). Other brits that would be great Kevin O’Neil, Alan Grant, Bryan Talbot, Simon Bisley, Mark millar. My greatest would be Garth ennis, Alan Moore and bill sienkiewicz that would be the holy trinity for me! Others from USA I’d love to see Cullen bunn, Jacen Burrows, Donny cates, geof darrow, Frank miller, Jeff lamire. And to those who we’d all love to see again R.I.P. John hicklenton, Steve Dillon, bernie wrightson, Jack Kirby, Steve ditko and all the other amazing losses in th comic book industry.
    Shane, keep up the good work. You seem so busy yet Birmingham ice 2017 was awesome and maybe this year cosmic rays could play a few songs huh?

  5. I’m glad to hear that I was miss informed Steve Ditko had passed (fake news from a friend got me). To clarify my last comment on Stan Lee, he has done a hell of alot for the comics industry but not so much for certain writers and artists. This is not just my opinion, here’s what probably 1 of the greatest writers in the world Alan Moore has to say on YouTube.

  6. It’s with a heavy heart that the passing of the true creator of spiderman Steve Ditko has been reported by BBC news. I truly hope this is more fake news but I don’t think so this time. A true and humble legend has gone. 1 who deserved much more than what he got. He will be truly missed by the fans of HIS work.

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