Sketch & Signing Prices

This page details the sketch and signature prices for our guests and also gives details of any pre show commission offers. Many guests will sign and even sketch for free. Please respect other con attendees and do not bring huge piles of comics to be signed on the day. 

CBCS and CGC signature witnesses are attending the show and grading submissions are available via Bobakat’s Comics and Infinity & Beyond. Any private signings for guests must be requested through the expo and will be carried out at prices agreed with the guest outside of public convention hours and only if the guest is available for this.

ICE is not responsible for any transactions made between guests and fans or between guests, grading company representatives and fans.

Dan Cornwell

Signatures: Free

Sketches:  Prices range from £10-£20 depending on size and complexity.


Staz Johnson

Staz usually doesn’t do pre-show commissions as he is too busy, however for ICE he has agreed to do a maximum of three A3 size pre show commissions. This will be on a first come first served basis, each will be £150 & can feature a maximum of 3 characters & some background detail.

Signatures: Staz offer a max of 5 free un-dedicated signatures per customer, each subsequent  signature will be £1. All dedicated signatures will be free.

Sketches: An A4 head and shoulder sketch will be £35 and an A4 three-quarter sketch will be £50. Thee are the only options available at the show.

Staz will also be bringing a limited number of original art pages for sale.


Ian Richardson

Signing: FREE for first 5 then and £3 per signature after that, which will be donated to the ICE charity Beanstalk.

Sketches on the day: £20 for single head sketch/bust sketch, £30 for torso sketches (just past the waist)

Pre-show Commissions: Ian is taking on a very small number so please contact him direct at or via his website;


Lew Stringer

Signatures: Lew does not charge for signatures of any quantity

Sketches: £10 for an A4 sketch of one character, full figure, black and white.

£5 for each additional figure on the same page.

For advanced commissions Lew can be contacted at:

John Wagner

Signatures: FREE – John does not charge for signatures


For our other guest please either contact them directly via their websites or look for signage they provide on the day.

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