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We have a wide variety of Exhibitors at ICE. If you are looking for back issues we have retailers if you are looking for merchandise like T shirts and Actions Figures we have a variety of dealers in collectibles.

However ICE is much more than just a large Comic Mart. As well as exhibiting professional artists and writers we have an incredible selection of new creators, self publishers and indy publishers exhibiting.

At ICE you’ll be able to find something different that you may not find anywhere else. You have access to  both those big names you have always wanted to meet and those who are the big names of the future.

The best thing though is, because we are a small show, there won’t be big unmanageable queues. You’ll have relaxed and easy access to all of our exhibitors, which makes the whole convention experience a lot more fun.

With this in mind we’d like to profile some of our exhibitors on this page so you know who to look out for when you visit (The full list of Exhibitors are on the floor plans):

Main Event Sponsor:


The Comic Book Certification service are our main sponsor for ICE 2016 and they will have six tables in the main signing area. You will be able hand you comics in for grading, buy special signed comics  and variants and also get your books signed on site as the two signing tables are also based at the CBCS stand.




Birmingham’s biggest comic book store, full of comics, graphic novels, manga, t-shirts, Funko and more for all your pop culture needs.

 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



ALLallknightzlogo KNIGHTZ

The All Knightz are a team of animators, graphic designers, illustrators and writers who are together most notably responsible for the comic book series known as ‘Hard Wired’.

Our aim is to give you a whole new fresh take on how you view comic books and cartoons by giving you a different kind of character that you and your children will always remember as well as a new way of story telling that will encourage you to look deeper into the stories from our African history. 



In the future your culture will be shaped by machines.

From writer Mike French & artist Karl Brown.

Your world is manipulated by computer coding, search engines and social networks. It’s just a matter of time before everything you watch, read and listen to will be created by autonomous robots. Android Writer PD121928 is part of the Android Publishing Program. To replicate a writer’s life, his wife has been forcibly removed and he lives in solitude with an allowance for drugs and state prostitutes. Having just had his novel The Eating of Citizen Kane rejected, he now has 14 more attempts to get a story accepted for the program or he will be deactivated.

“One of the coolest and most fascinating reads out there.” – STARBURST MAGAZINE

“Cool & punchy” – STEVE DILLON

Website: http://www.anandroidawakes.com/

bouncecomicsBOUNCE COMICS

A small group of independent creatives with a love of pictures and words. “Bubbles O’Seven: Simian Agent” is our first publication.

Close 2 Immortality 100x100 logoCLOSE 2 IMMORTALITY

Close 2 Immortality is a collective of indie comics creators from the UK. C2I’s Jon Laight, Jay Martin and Chris Sides will be at ICE with a selection of their books, including ALV, DOMEINION, BRETHREN BORN, WHISPERING SANDS and DARK MATTER.

You can find out more about the collective at close2immortality.com


FutureQuake Press is home to many of the finest small press anthologies around today. find out for yourself why they are consistently nominated for Best British black & white comic.

Also home to the 2000 AD fanzines Zarjaz & Dogbreath.

More info at: http://www.futurequake.co.uk/



Welcome to The Gee Bees Comic. A web-comic featuring the adventures of Gideon Black and Katrina. But which Gideon Black and Katrina will you encounter….

The Gee Bees Comic returns to our favourite convention with issue one of “The Meditating Businessman” amongst our titles on sale. Come and say hello to our writer Steve, buy a book or one of our unique “History Maps” and hear about the exciting plans we have for the next 12 months.

richcarrington-clawsHARDLINE COMICS

Hardline Comics publish high quality, full colour comic books that are guaranteed to remind you why you started reading comics in the first place. The Guys is a funny, crude and action packed super hero comedy about five friends who gain incredible powers but don’t really have a clue what to do with them. The Claws is a dark and gritty comic that looks at what happens when the hero gets killed on page 7 and the bad guys take over. Check out www.theguyscomic.com for more info about Hardline and your two new favourite books.


Andy Bloor IconANDY BLOOR
Andy Bloor is a British artist and graphic designer. Instrumental as Art Director during his time at AccentUK Comics, he helped shape the look and feel of numerous comics and graphic novels during his tenure, and co-created the widely-loved WOLFMEN and FALL OF THE WOLFMEN books with writer Dave West.

Andy has worked with many high profile writers including Kieron Gillen, Leah Moore and John Reppion, as well as contributing an impressive amount of artwork to many comics and graphic novels.

Recent work includes ANDYTHOLOGY, a collection of some of his best comic collaborations as well as new stories and artwork; and co-creating the independent comic-book MIDNIGHT MAN with writer Mo Ali under the Bad Mother Publishing imprint, which has been receiving much praise.

davidbcooper_200_iconDAVID B. COOPER
David B Cooper is a cartoonist and colourist, best known for long running web comic Perpendicular Universe and animated web series The Brave and Handsome Squad, about a group of the world’s worst superheroes.

This year sees the continuation of THUG, a miniseries about a standard henchman-for-hire in a colourful fantastic world, and the release of a collection of videogame themed comics. His postcard doodles have also proven especially popular, allowing fans to request any character comission at an affordable price. Cooper also offers a range of fun comics and prints! Come say hi!

The Etherington Brothers are one of the foremost creative teams in all-ages comics today. Their series regularly appear in The Phoenix comic, and their client list includes Disney, Dreamworks, Aardman, The BBC, and many of the world’s largest book publishers. They are the creators of Long Gone Don, Monkey Nuts, Baggage, Freaky and Fearless and Von Doogan. They have also worked on Star Wars, Transformers, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and James Bond, and have played sold out performances of their comics master classes around the world. They will be bringing their FULL BACK CATALOGUE to ICE!


Arthur Goodman is a cartoonist from the North West of England, publishing comics online and in print as Favourite Crayon (www.favouritecrayon.co.uk). His current series is the #MMO #RPG #meta-humour comic “Experience the Magic of the Legend!”. Also available will be the gag strip anthology “Square Eyed Stories”, as well as original art and sketches.


maelstrom-thumbnailDAVID GRIFFITHS AND JON LON

Liverpool comic book creators David Griffiths (BEARQUAKE) & Jon Lon (MA3KS) debut their new sci-fi adventure series MAELSTROM at Birmingham this weekend. In the future, technology is forced onto all by a mecha cult known as ‘The Harvest’. Those who resist are hunted down and destroyed. Humanity is a crime. In the midst of the chaos one member of the Harvest turns against his masters in the hope of preserving what little remains of his humanity. He was their assassin. His victims called him Maelstrom…


100x100jenika_ioffredaJENIKA IOFFREDA
Jenika ioffreda is the creator of “Vampire Free Style”, award nominated comic book series about a black cat in a world of magic, mysteries, vampires and witches. The series has sold over 5,000 copies in comic conventions over Europe, has been praised by reviewers, has a loyal following and has been requested as a set dressing for “This Must Be The Place” movie. Jenika is an extremely active presence in the European comic conventions circuit. She is currently working on a new comic book series “Midnight Tea”: a ghost story set in 19th century. Her official website: http://www.neptunefactory.com


Nerdy Birdy Creations. Maker of geeky, crafty things. Hats and figures inspired by your favourite comics, tv shows and movies and immortalised in wool.
Can’t find what your looking for? Nerdy Birdy welcomes crochet commissions!

pbrainey-birminhamPAUL RAINEY
Paul B. Rainey is the artist of There’s No Time Like The Present, one of Bleedin’ Cool’s graphic novels of 2015, and an occasional contributor to Viz.

Paul will be exhibiting and selling copies of his comics including his latest, Pope Francis goes To The Dentist and Tales to Diminish

thisfish100pxSUICIDAL TOYS

No toys have been harmed in the making of our comics! Suicidal Toys is made up primarily of two people – writer Gwen Kortsen and artist Angela Wraight – with the occasional collaboration thrown in. We’ll be selling the second and improved edition of our comic The Japanese Village (a series of short stories set in the real-life Japanese exhibition village in Knightsbridge in 1885) as well as a number of other comics, short and long.


tcProfile_100x100TONY COOPER

Tony Cooper lives in England and writes novels, comics and video games while drinking tea.

At ICE he will be selling his 24-page, full colour superhero comic book for adults “Some Kind of Hero”, along with his two superhero novels, short story collection and SF comedy book.

Visit Tony’s website at: http://www.hungryblackbird.com


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  2. Any chance of seeing a full list of exhibitors (even if not full profiles)?

    • Hi Glyn

      Sorry, only just saw your message. The full list and floorplans was published before the expo. Hope you found it ok and enjoyed the weekend.

      All the best


  3. Hi after attending the september 5th event I was really impress. Just wondering when the 2016 event tables will be available?

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