Existing exhibitors…To book extra exhibitor passes only go to: http://www.smallzone.co.uk/ICEBOOKINGS.htm

Sorry of you missed out this year. If you would like to go on the cancellation waiting list please email us at: smallzone.events@gmail.com with your table requirements and we will contact you if there are any suitable cancellations.


Essential Set up Info:

Dealers and Distributors will have access to the venue from 7.00am until 8.30am on the Saturday morning allowing up to 3 hours for set up.

Publishers will have access to the venue from 8.30am until 9.00am  allowing up to 1 and a half hours for set up.

Creators and self publishers will have access to the venue from 9.00am allowing up to 1 hour for set up.

The loading area is excellent, but the parking on site is limited, so please unload upon arrival (bring a trolley if you have multiple heavy boxes as these are not always supplied by the venue) and move your vehicle as soon as you have unloaded.

Please do not arrive early or late as you will not be given access to the building until your allocated time slot and once your time slot is over you will not be given access to the building until all other exhibitors have unloaded.

If you are not sure which category you are under please email me and I will confirm your time slot.

We are enforcing this time slot system for your convenience due to the limited loading space outside the venue.


There is no Friday set up this year.


In addition to onsite parking there are several car parks within walking distance. We recommend either NCP High Street, or NCP Londonderry House both around five minutes walk away.

The postcodes for satnav are B4 7LN and B4 7LX.

The onsite NCP car park is £18.00 a day with a discount from the venue.

8 thoughts on “Exhibitors

  1. Could you tell me how much a couple of extra exhibitor passes would be if we got a publisher table? Thank you

    • They are £5 each. Please just order as an advanced pass on the website and put a note on pay pal saying it’s an exhibitor pass and say which table they are for.


  2. When is the deadline for booking small press tables? I’m moving house currently so would prefer to book a table in early July when I can be sure I can commit to it. Would this be too late? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Emily

      We have one cancellation for a small press table available but expect this to be taken soon. If the website allows you to book the table then that’s fine. Sold out tables won’t book on the website. Dealer tables are currently sold out.

  3. I went and bought an advanced pass to go with our table but I’m now finding I’m only going by myself – is there any way of refunding that £5?

  4. Hi guys,

    Are exhibitor passes getting emailed out, or is it just a case of giving a name on the day? All I recieved on paying was a paypal reciept, just wanted to check that was all I should’ve got so far.



    • Hi Harry

      Yes you will be on the exhibitor list upon arrival. Please check the website for your unloading time window.

      I’ll be emailing more details soon including floorplans etc.
      all the best

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