We are absolutely thrilled here at ICE Central to announce an exclusive UK Appearance for acclaimed Marvel artist John Tyler Christopher this September as the acclaimed artist announces his only UK appearance of the decade at Britain’s Coolest comic convention.

Joining other top international star guests such as Spider-man writer Dan Slott, legendary artist John Bolton, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artist Freddie E Williams II and Spiderman 2099 artist Will Sliney,  John Tyler Christopher is the latest big name to be announced for ICE as the convention once again puts England’s second city on the map when it comes to comic art events.


The renowned American artist will be signing for fans and taking part in an exclusive interview at the event. For many British fans this show will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet one of the most popular cover artists of recent years and get their book signed in person as he has stated he is unlikely to return to the UK for many years.

“ICE has always strived to bring UK fans comic creators they don’t see at conventions every year and thanks to a case of perfect timing we can now offer fans a unique experience at this year’s show,” said event director Shane Chebsey.

The convention has a limited attendance so fans of the artist are encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance.


John Tyler Christopher is a Harvey Award nominated comics illustrator from Lafayette, Indiana, USA most famous for the highly sought after Star Wars action figure cover variants for Marvel Comics, which have put fans into pre sale frenzies causing the books to sell out in record times.

However the artist has more than one string to his bow and his unmistakable painting style has also graced the covers of Marvel’s Avengers Solo: Hawkeye, Figment, New Mutants, Annihilators: Earthfall, Dark Avengers, Spider-man, Venom; and the 50th Anniversary Spider-man Encyclopaedia.

His earlier work can also be seen on covers for Top Cow’s Witchblade and Artifacts as well as DC’s Voodoo.

Outside of comics his work has also featured in both table-top and video games, as well as film and television. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters and waxing intellectually about the shear awesomeness of the Gorn.


Further Information:

To find out more about John Tyler Christopher visit his website at:



Here at ICE Central we are absolutely thrilled to announce that the one and only Dan Slott will be appearing at ICE Birmingham in September as our very special guest.

Dan is on his 9th year as Marvel’s Spider-Man writer. In that he’s written major Spidey storylines like, “New Ways To Die”, “Spider-Island”, “Ends of the Earth”, and the infamous “Superior Spider-Man” saga, where Doctor Octopus swapped minds with Peter Parker.

In recent years Slott’s Spidey stories have expanded the Spider-Man family further into the Marvel U, with “Spider-Verse”, “Renew Your Vows”, and “The Clone Conspiracy”.

Dan’s career began at Marvel in 1991 writing stories for Mighty Mouse, the New Warriors, and the Punisher. By 1992 he had his first ongoing book as the writer of The Ren & Stimpy comic. This lead to a long run of work on all ages books, mainly for DC, including Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Powerpuff Girls.

After working on Batman Adventures, Superman Adventures, and Justice League Adventures, Dan was given the chance to pitch mainstream super hero projects for DC. This led to his 2003 mini-series with artist Ryan Sook, Arkham Asylum: Living Hell. On the success of that he was able to pitch a new ongoing She-Hulk title to Marvel, which officially became his first ever ongoing super hero title.

From there, he has worked on Spider-Man/Human Torch, The Great Lakes Avengers, The Thing, Avengers The Initiative, and the Mighty Avengers.

Currently, along with Amazing Spider-Man, Dan is also working on the Eisner nominated series, Silver Surfer, with Mike and Laura Allred. Their bizarre Möbius strip-inspired story, Silver Surfer #11’s “Never After”, won the 2016 Eisner for Best Single Issue.

The ICE 2017 Indy Spotlight Shines on Lukasz Kowalczuk

This year at ICE we are flying over Polish artist  Lukasz Kowalczuk as our special international Indy Spotlight Guest.

Born in 1983, in northern Poland, at bedtime Łukasz Kowalczuk‘s father would read him comic books, and mother didn’t mind. The first comic book that he read on his own was Rod Taylor’s Friends by Jerzy Wróblewski.

Then came the time for superheroes and comics from TM-Semic – a publishing house that he honoured in 2013 by writing a book about it. Łukasz did not graduate in any artistic major and dropped out of Fine Arts High School to avoid, in his own words,“studying with hippies”.



Kowalczuk’s inspirations range from 80s and 90s junk culture and his research is most often based on reading comics, watching B-movies and playing video games.


Role models? Janusz Christa, Jack Kirby, Robert Crumb and hundreds of others from every era and part of the world.


Over the years he has published a lot of stupid comics for smart people, at his own expense and in cooperation with various publishers including: Vreckless Vrestlers, Violent Skate Bulldogs, and Slime! Anthology.



He is currently working on the Selfdropkick publishing line, Battle 365 webcomic, exhibitions, and a few other projects that should be published this year.


vsb_english_cover_frontSome Links to his work:

We at ICE are delighted to be welcoming Lukasz and to be introducing him to a whole new audience here in the UK.

First Wave of Guests for ICE Birmingham 2017 Announced


In 2017 we are really hitting the ground running with our guest announcements.

Following the stellar guest list from 2016 will be no easy task but we sure are making a good start with three top names and two of them are overseas.

First up, from America is DC and Turtles artist Freddie E. Williams II.


Freddie burst onto the comic book scene in 2005, when he began work with DC Comics on the Eisner Award winning series Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle.

Since then, he has Illustrated a long list of DC Comics titles, including: Robin, the Flash, Green Arrow, the DC Comics GuideTo Digitally Drawing Comics, and many others.

Freddie has also illustrated Brain Boy and Conan for Dark Horse Comics, Legendary Star Lord and Thor for Marvel Comics, and is the illustrator for two of the most anticipated crossovers in 30 years: Batman / TMNT, as well as HeMan/ Thundercats!


Next up is an absolute legend who almost requires no introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway: The one and only John Bolton!

The work of award winning artist John Bolton is guaranteed to intrigue, excite and disturb you.  A highly skilled and frighteningly imaginative artist, Bolton’s classic techniques paint a realistic edge to horror and fantasy.

John was seven when he first encountered a paint brush and it was love at first sight, offering him an output to visualise and create what he saw in his mind and put it to paper.  Thus, began a life-long ambition of creativity, with influences acquired from a wide variety of sources, but all connected by one underlying theme – the interesting and bizarre.

John has been painting now for three decades.  His paintings display a thorough understanding of each medium and subject he chooses to tackle.

Inspiration comes not from outside influences, but from the story he is illustrating.

The style stems from the content and emotion of a particular story.

Bolton has an innovative approach to sequential art that has seen him rise to the very top of the current crop of artists working in comics. He digs deep into his imagination to come up with something never seen before.


From John Bolton’s latest work: Shame.

Over the last couple of years John has been working on a beautiful macabre story written by Lovern Kindzierski called Shame and published by Renegade Arts Entertainment.  He is currently painting the next trilogy in this series called Hope – Tales of Shame.



Our third and final guest to be announced today brings a little bit closer to home as we welcome Irish artist Will Sliney to our roster of top names appearing at the expo.

Will has been working  in comics for 10 years now and since he was a child he always wanted to work for Marvel and now he’s living the dream.


But it meant lots of very hard work. After graduating from a multimedia course at Cork Institute of Technology, a visit to San Diego Comic Con and  various jobs for major indie publishers he scored his first Marvel work after meeting a talent scout at the Dublin Comic Convention and has since worked on top titles including Marvel’s first all female superhero team the Fearless Defenders and Spiderman 2099.

Check out Will’s great TED Talk below. He’ll also be taking part in our events at ICE.

We are so happy to be welcoming these incredibly talented creators from all over the word to ICE Birmingham and there are more top guests to be announced in the new year, so make sure you watch this space and our facebook feed for up to date news on developments.



A huge thank you to all of the guests, fans, exhibitors and sponsors who helped to make ICE 2016 last September a very special occasion indeed.

Here are a few choice photos:

Britain’s Coolest Comic Convention will be returning to Birmingham for it’s fourth year of top flight guests, inspiring events and it’s usual huge selection of exhibitors on September 9th 2017.

After listening to the feedback from our visitors and exhibitors a  like we have now relocated the event to the superb Holiday Inn Conference Centre on Smallbrook, Queensway. (Next door to Nostalgia & Comics, the city’s premier local comic shop).


With improved loading facilities and access to parking for exhibitors and New Street Station only being a stone’s throw away, we are very happy to be moving to this new venue.

Our sister event Comics Uncovered will always happen at The Studio Venue as this is the perfect location for this conference. However for ICE we are thrilled that everyone’s experience will be greatly improved in 2017.

We are offering a limited early bird discount for exhibitors until October 31st, so if you want to be part of next year’s incredible line up of dealers, publishers and creators  go to our direct booking page

And watch out for announcements about new star guests on this website over the coming weeks.



Here at ICE we are thrilled to announce that the producers of one of the most thrilling Zombie experiences in the world “ZED EVENTS” will be bringing some of the horror of their interactive zombie apocalypse from the zombie infested shopping mall in Reading to the centre of Birmingham for a very special appearance at ICE 2016.


Charlie Adlard and Infinity & Beyond owner Paul Matin…sort of fighting off Zombies

Complete with a full set and actual zombies waiting to tear you limb from limb, whilst also of course, happily posing for photo opportunities with you and stars like the Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard (with £5 from every celebrity photo going to our charity Beanstalk).
So come along and join the fun, pre book your charity photo op now at:




We are delighted to announce that Rob Williams is a late guest that visitors to the expo can come and meet here at ICE for this year’s extravaganza of comic creator talent.
Rob main pic.JPG
Rob is the writer of SUICIDE SQUAD and MARTIAN MANHUNTER for DC Comics, UNFOLLOW for Vertigo Comics, DOCTOR WHO: THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR for Titan Comics and JUDGE DREDD for 2000AD.

In addition to taking part in an open signing at the event the acclaimed writer will also be taking part in a private signing hosted by ICE sponsors CBCS fro those who are unable to make it along to the show, or who dont fancy queuing.

To arrange for your items to be signed and to find out the cost per item visit the CBCS UK facebook page at: 

Follow Rob Williams on Twitter. He can be found at @RobWilliams71