About Us

ICE is an independently run comic convention brought to you by Event Director Shane Chebsey, who previously helped to organise now famous events like BICS and Comics Launchpad. Shane is helped by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who love comics just as much as you do.

We believe in exposing our visitors to a wide variety of comics from the most exciting new superheroes to the coolest indy and small press books. Our guest list reflects this too with guests from both the big publishing companies and the smallest publishers.

When you visit our events you can also expect to see a wide variety of exhibitors, from those selling collectables to creators selling their own work.

You can expect to meet some of your favourite creators at special signings and maybe even walk away with a unique sketch from your favourite artist.

There is also an astonishing program of panels, talks and interviews running through the day featuring many of our guests.

This all happens under one roof in the vibrant city centre of Birmingham and costs just £10.00 when you book in advance.

Our conventions are open to advanced booking visitors from 10am and doors open to the general public from 11am.

The Events close at 5.30pm

If you ‘d like to find out more about our events please email us at: smallzone.events@gmail.com

Here is another fun video from last year’s ICE.

What inspires the comic book industry? – ICE Comicon from Kinetal on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Available artists from Arcadium Entertainment:Hi, my name is Bob Rappucci from Arcadium Entertainment I noticed you are having an event coming up, I would like to offer you some of our exclusive clients we represent, Ken Kercheval (Dallas), Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear Starsky and Hutch), Brooke Lewis (Broadway), Chaske Spencer (Twilight Saga), Chris Sarandon (Fright Night/ The Princess Bride), Brad Loree ( Michael Myers), Liane Curtis(Sixteen Candles), Shirley Jones (the Partridge Family), Adrian Zmed ( Grease, TJ Hooker), Lou Ferrigno( the Incredible Hulk), Jack O’Halloran( Superman Villan) and Gil Gerard( Buck Rogers) just to mention a few.

    For our full roster of available clients, please visit our website at: http://www.arcadiumentertainment.com

    All of our client’s produce a fantastic turn out at their appearances please let me know if there are any artists on our roster you feel would fit your event.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon and best of luck with your event.

    Best Regards,

    Bob Rappucci
    Artist Representative
    Direct: 610.888.2425
    Fax: 843.494.9626
    Website: http://www.arcadiumentertainment.com

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