COVID-19 Restrictions and ICE

deadpool covid

After consultation with our amazing venue and long discussions amongst the organisers we have decided that to go ahead with an international show that requires a lot of close contact and large crowds, as well as the flying in of overseas guests, it would not be responsible or sensible to continue to sell tickets and tables, nor to announce any date that we cannot be at least 99% sure we will be able to stick to for our loyal fans.

Therefore the ICE show in Birmingham is currently on hold and postponed until such a time that both the organisers and the venue feel that is would be financially viable, but most importantly, safe for all of those taking part including fans, guests and staff.

A few people have already purchased tickets and tables and we are happy to assure everyone one who has done so that your tickets and tables will still be valid for the new dates once they are announced.

In addition, to say a big thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time, we will be issuing every single one of you with a £50 credit note to spend on tickets, tables or VIP extras in the future.

All event organisers are struggling at the moment and many of us have lost thousands of pounds due to COVID-19. Some events have disappeared from the convention calendar altogether we are sad to say. However, ICE will be back, bigger and better than ever, and we look forward to bringing you the best possible comic convention experience in 2021.

In the meantime we ask that you stay safe and keep thinking of others at this difficult time.

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