“The Alienist” co creator Eoin Coveney Returns to Birmingham


We are always very excited to welcome back previous Comics Uncovered delegates, who have become successful in comics as they share their stories with our new delegates and this year we are delighted to welcome back 2000ad artist Eoin Coveney for the weekend as our special guest.


Eoin originally began his comics journey in the mid 90’s, when he pencilled a graphic novel under the creative direction of Will Eisner. He then spent several years in the advertising industry, story boarding for TV and print campaigns. Since 2005, he has moved back into publishing and editorial illustration and comics, contributing to magazines such as FHM, ZOO, Attitude, E&T and Fabulous. He has also been published by Pearson, Harper­ Collins, Dorling Kindersley & Oxford University Press.

Since 2013, he has been a regular contributor to 2000AD, drawing Judge Dredd and Future Shocks, also being published in the Judge Dredd Megazine.

In 2015, he was co- creator of The Alienist with writers Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby which recently completed its second series in 2000AD.


Most recently, he has been working with the U.S. network PBS, producing web comics for their online content.

Eoin will be conducting a talk at our sister event Comics Uncovered on Saturday 15th September chronicling his journey from aspiring artist to respected professional and imparting the benefit of his experiences to those attending the conference.


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