Beano Artist Laura Howell Joins the Anniversary Celebrations at ICE 2018


We are delighted to be welcoming long time Beano artist Laura Howell to our guest list here at ICE Birmingham as she’ll be joining our other Beano legends at the special celebratory retrospective panel at the expo.


Laura Howell likes drawing and writing comics that make people laugh. In 2006 she became the first female artist to draw for the Beano, which she still contributes to every week. She has also worked on VIZ, the DFC, MAD magazine and popular media titles such as Angry Birds and Cartoon Network’s Regular Show and Uncle Grandpa.


Her first Regular Show graphic novel, “Wrasslesplosion”, was published by BOOM Studios in 2017 and her second, “The Meatening”, is out in 2018. Her own extremely silly comic strip “The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan” is also available in book form from Soaring Penguin Press.

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