ICE Celebrates 80 Years of the Beano with latest Guest Announcement


Undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous and long running comic titles is the legendary kids comic The Beano.

And this year we celebrate it’s 80th year of publication with a special panel featuring some of the most famous artists to work on the comic.

With this in mind we are very excited to announce our latest confirmed guest as the official Dennis The Menace artist Nigel Parkinson.


As well as being the official cartoonist of The Beano’s Dennis the Menace, Bash Street Kids, Bananaman and Roger the Dodger he also writes and draws Minnie the Minx and draws or has drawn most other Beano and Dandy characters at some time or other.

He was responsible for writing and drawing the acclaimed “Harry Hill’s Adventures in TV Land” for The Dandy. He’s also drawn Thunderbirds, Grange Hill, Baywatch, Stingray, Count Arthur Strong, and many other titles over a 38 year professional career.


We are absolutely delighted that Nigel will be joining us for this very special anniversary celebration.


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