John McCrea Confirms for ICE 2017


What comic convention in Birmingham would be complete without the presence of John McCrea? Certainly not this one… and we are proud to welcome John back to Britian’s Coolest Comic Convention this year.

A true local comics hero, the award winning artist, originally from Northern Ireland, is a respected illustrator and comic book artist which has seen him draw for many of the major Western publishers including the big two: Marvel and DC Comics.

His unique and bold sense of design and storytelling are always in demand with publishers and fans on both sides of the Atlantic.


He has illustrated iconic characters such as BatmanSupermanWonder Womanthe HulkSpider ManDaredevilWolverineStar WarsJudge Dredd and the Simpsons amongst others. In addition, he works as an illustrator in book, record and magazine publishing and undertakes design and story boarding work for multimedia and the entertainment industry including being a Lucasfilm accredited artist.


His run on the DC Comics series Hitman with writer Garth Ennis is a highly celebrated body of work with a huge fan base even now, years after the series has ended.


From the superb Hitman series by Ennis and McCrea


More recent projects include drawing the ongoing Mars Attacks! comic from IDW, assorted Mars Attacks! trading cards from Topps, Progenitor, a series for the digital comic Aces Weekly launched by David Lloyd, BBC Bitesize comic strips, a short story for the Vertigo Comics anthology Ghosts and  Dicks from Avatar Press…..phew!


In MAY 2015 he started work on the superb Mythos ongoing series working with writer Phil Hester and this year he completed a superb Deviations one shot which took Judge Dredd in a new direction with IDW.


He is currently working on a new ongoing series at Image Comics.

John51t5AsgsenL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_ also teaches in schools and colleges and he works with charitable organisations and local authorities producing comics spotlighting issues such as children’s rights, drug abuse, homelessness, safe sex and proper foot care!

We just could not resist using this image from John’s Mars Attacks series working with John Layman.

Be sure to visit John’s table at the show were he’ll be signing, doing sketches, taking commissions and selling prints and original artwork.


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