Walking Dead Artist Charlie Adlard Confirms for ICE 2017


Walking Dead is not only one of the world’s most independent comic series, but also a record breaking TV series and here at ICE Central we are delighted to announce that the multi award winning artist on the series Charlie Adlard will be joining us as our very special guest in September.


Charlie at the Lakes where he was awarded the post of Comics Laureate

Currently the British Comics Laureate, with an incredible career working for most of the major comics publishers under his belt as well as an astounding uninterrupted run on the infamous zombie monthly Charlie is not only one of the most talented artists in the industry, but without a doubt, one of the most hard working and dedicated.


From the superb Codeflesh published by Image Comics

As well as being a great artist he is also the Drummer in the band Cosmic Rays and Charlie will have the very last few copies of the album with in at the expo so as well as getting your Walking Dead books and merchandise signed you can also pick up a signed album, which features 12 original songs and superb artwork from both Charlie and fellow comic artist Phil Winslade, who plays guitar on the album.

Cosmic Rays Inner Sleeve

The Inside Gate-fold artwork on the Cosmic Rays debut album by Charlie

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