We are absolutely thrilled here at ICE Central to announce an exclusive UK Appearance for acclaimed Marvel artist John Tyler Christopher this September as the hugely popular artist announces his only UK appearance of the decade at Britain’s Coolest comic convention.

Joining other top international star guests such as Spider-man writer Dan Slott, legendary artist John Bolton, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artist Freddie E Williams II and Spiderman 2099 artist Will Sliney,  John Tyler Christopher is the latest big name to be announced for ICE as the convention once again puts England’s second city on the map when it comes to comic art events.


The renowned American artist will be signing for fans and taking part in an exclusive interview at the event. For many British fans this show will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet one of the most popular cover artists of recent years and get their book signed in person as he has stated he is unlikely to return to the UK for many years.

“ICE has always strived to bring UK fans comic creators they don’t see at conventions every year and thanks to a case of perfect timing we can now offer fans a unique experience at this year’s show,” said event director Shane Chebsey.

The convention has a limited attendance so fans of the artist are encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance.


John Tyler Christopher is a Harvey Award nominated comics illustrator from Lafayette, Indiana, USA most famous for the highly sought after Star Wars action figure cover variants for Marvel Comics, which have put fans into pre sale frenzies causing the books to sell out in record times.

However the artist has more than one string to his bow and his unmistakable painting style has also graced the covers of Marvel’s Avengers Solo: Hawkeye, Figment, New Mutants, Annihilators: Earthfall, Dark Avengers, Spider-man, Venom; and the 50th Anniversary Spider-man Encyclopaedia.

His earlier work can also be seen on covers for Top Cow’s Witchblade and Artifacts as well as DC’s Voodoo.

Outside of comics his work has also featured in both table-top and video games, as well as film and television. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters and waxing intellectually about the shear awesomeness of the Gorn.


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