Here at ICE Central we are absolutely thrilled to announce that the one and only Dan Slott will be appearing at ICE Birmingham in September as our very special guest.

Dan is on his 9th year as Marvel’s Spider-Man writer. In that he’s written major Spidey storylines like, “New Ways To Die”, “Spider-Island”, “Ends of the Earth”, and the infamous “Superior Spider-Man” saga, where Doctor Octopus swapped minds with Peter Parker.

In recent years Slott’s Spidey stories have expanded the Spider-Man family further into the Marvel U, with “Spider-Verse”, “Renew Your Vows”, and “The Clone Conspiracy”.

Dan’s career began at Marvel in 1991 writing stories for Mighty Mouse, the New Warriors, and the Punisher. By 1992 he had his first ongoing book as the writer of The Ren & Stimpy comic. This lead to a long run of work on all ages books, mainly for DC, including Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Powerpuff Girls.

After working on Batman Adventures, Superman Adventures, and Justice League Adventures, Dan was given the chance to pitch mainstream super hero projects for DC. This led to his 2003 mini-series with artist Ryan Sook, Arkham Asylum: Living Hell. On the success of that he was able to pitch a new ongoing She-Hulk title to Marvel, which officially became his first ever ongoing super hero title.

From there, he has worked on Spider-Man/Human Torch, The Great Lakes Avengers, The Thing, Avengers The Initiative, and the Mighty Avengers.

Currently, along with Amazing Spider-Man, Dan is also working on the Eisner nominated series, Silver Surfer, with Mike and Laura Allred. Their bizarre Möbius strip-inspired story, Silver Surfer #11’s “Never After”, won the 2016 Eisner for Best Single Issue.