The ICE 2017 Indy Spotlight Shines on Lukasz Kowalczuk

This year at ICE we are flying over Polish artist  Lukasz Kowalczuk as our special international Indy Spotlight Guest.

Born in 1983, in northern Poland, at bedtime Łukasz Kowalczuk‘s father would read him comic books, and mother didn’t mind. The first comic book that he read on his own was Rod Taylor’s Friends by Jerzy Wróblewski.

Then came the time for superheroes and comics from TM-Semic – a publishing house that he honoured in 2013 by writing a book about it. Łukasz did not graduate in any artistic major and dropped out of Fine Arts High School to avoid, in his own words,“studying with hippies”.



Kowalczuk’s inspirations range from 80s and 90s junk culture and his research is most often based on reading comics, watching B-movies and playing video games.


Role models? Janusz Christa, Jack Kirby, Robert Crumb and hundreds of others from every era and part of the world.


Over the years he has published a lot of stupid comics for smart people, at his own expense and in cooperation with various publishers including: Vreckless Vrestlers, Violent Skate Bulldogs, and Slime! Anthology.



He is currently working on the Selfdropkick publishing line, Battle 365 webcomic, exhibitions, and a few other projects that should be published this year.


vsb_english_cover_frontSome Links to his work:

We at ICE are delighted to be welcoming Lukasz and to be introducing him to a whole new audience here in the UK.