CBCS Swoop In And Save The Day


Running a non profit making comic convention to the high professional standard of ICE is challenging enough, but when the Arts Council pulled their third and final year of funding from the event last week it was a huge blow to us here at ICE and for the last week or so we have been frantically looking at alternative funding so that the show you all love can still be delivered to the same high standards you all expect.

“We know how important this event and Comics Uncovered, the main conference behind it, are to everyone who comes here each year. The Fans, the creators looking for work, and the publishers who launch their new books, the prospect of having to cancel the event or postpone it was terrifying” said Event Director, Shane Chebsey.

However after a very short plea and discussion with the owners and management behind CBCS, one of the world’s most respected comics grading companies based in the US, a deal was quickly struck to save ICE from extinction.


“It was like something straight out of a comic book… like true heroes CBCS came out of nowhere and saved us.” Continued Shane…“When things like this happen you find out who the good guys are… who really cares about the comic industry and the medium. We have so much to thank Michael Bornstein, Steve Borock, Steve Paulus, Lee Kingsley and all of the CBCS team for. Every single person who benefits from the expo will do so because of their heroic and incredibly generous intervention”.

 ““When we at CBCS heard that funding for ICE 2016 was pulled, we were extremely disappointed.” Stated Michael Bornstein, CBCS CEO “This is such an amazing convention for the U.K. that CBCS President Steve Borock and I were happy to contribute in any way we could to help make this happen. Comics are such a great hobby with so many wonderful fans, we knew CBCS had to help out. We hope the collectors in the U.K. have a wonderful experience at ICE 2016!” 

Now as ICE’s main sponsor comic collectors can expect a big presence by the top grading company at the event with some incredible exclusive signings from popular artists and writers and great prices on comic grading at their booth.


All Star Batman and Moon Knight Artist Declan Shalvey is just one of the big names signing at ICE 2016

Lee Kingsley who runs the UK arm of CBCS commented:

CBCS and ICE share a common philosophy. Both companies put the comic book hobby first. We are very excited to be working with Shane and his team at ICE for 2016 and hopefully many more years to come.”

So get on down to ICE next month and get your comics signed and graded by the best graders in town.

(Note: Onsite grading is not available. Turnaround times are available on the CBCS website here: https://www.cbcscomics.com/


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