2000ad Legend Joins ICE Guest List

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Yet another new TOP guest for ICE 2016!!! 🙂
David Roach was born in Cardiff in 1965 and from an early age he was consumed with both a passion for drawing and writing and a deep seated love of comic books.
After studying fine art and Philosophy in art college he was fortunate enough to start work on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic; 2000Ad where he drew the Nemesis and Judge Anderson strips for a number of years. With American comics welcoming British creators in the ‘90s he drew features for DC (Batman, Star Trek), Dark Horse (Aliens, Star Wars) and Topps (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs).

Original Art From Dave will also be on sale at the Expo

For many years David has also provided illustrations for Advertising and games including many Dungeons and Dragons series. As a writer he has contributed to numerous magazines and is the author or co-author of 17 books including The Art of Vampirella and the art of Jose Gonzalez ( both from Dynamite) The Art of War ( Carlton),and The Warren Companion ( Two morrows).
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For the best part of 16 years he has been a regular artist and inker on the Dr Who comic in Panini’s Dr Who Magazine and is the cover artist of their Graphic Novel series.
He is also an occasional artist on Judge Dredd for both 2000AD and the Megazine.
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In recent times he has become closely associated with Vampirella drawing covers for Dynamite, compiling several Vampi artists editions for them and drawing countless commissions. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! He is currently writing his magnum opus ( or, a jolly big book if you prefer); Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art for Dynamite which should hopefully be out by the end of the year.
Currently on the drawing board he has a very special strip- Judge Anderson, written by Alan Grant, for the epoch making 2000AD Prog 2000 which he will be bringing along to the convention, if he can find a portfolio big enough!


Here at ICE central we are delighted to announce that the elusive creative team behind the hit book published by Rebellion “GOLDTIGER” Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton,will now be making a rare public appearance in Birmingham this September.


Guy Adams has made so many things up he’s at risk of becoming fictional himself. As a novelist he is guilty of the Clown Service series, the Heaven’s Gate trilogy and the Deadbeat books. So, that’s weird spy novels, weird westerns and weird crime thrillers. Perhaps, gentle reader, he’s a bit weird.

In comics he has consistently disappointed 2000 AD readers by writing two series of Ulysses Sweet: Maniac for Hire. They are less cross when he writes Rogue Trooper, Max Normal and Voodoo Planet. Only time will tell how they feel about occult noir Hope, coming soon, co-created with Jimmy Broxton.

He and Broxton can also be found flinging words and art at one another on The Engine for Madefire, Phoenix for Aces Weekly and, most expansively, in their saga of the newspaper strip that never was, Goldtiger.

Adams also works extensively for Big Finish writing Doctor Who, Torchwood and whatever else comes his way. They occasionally let him act so if you really dislike him, he’s happy to provide a list of opportunities to hear him die in an assortment of accents.

Former cage fighter and gourmet chef (his fruit sausage was the stuff of legend) Jimmy Broxton is now
concentrating on the series business of funny books.

His first published work was for DC comics in New York, where he frequently collaborated with acclaimed writer Paul Cornell, gathering Hugo award nominations along the way.

With vagabond scribe and freelance typist and actor: Guy Adams he created Phoenix for Aces Weekly, the now infamous 60s strip that never was: Goldtiger and “HOPE” an upcoming supernatural noir series for Rebellion’s 2000AD.

Other notable works include Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s WOOL (adapted from Hugh Howey’s best selling novel) published by Jet City/Amazon.

Broxton has another top secret project in the works, so secret he doesn’t know what it is yet.

The artist’s appearance at ICE is a rare occurrence, as he spends most of his waking hours in pubs (and most of his none waking hours in pub car parks). He will happily sign books and comics, also arms, cleavages and the foreheads of the recently bewildered (of which, Birmingham has more than its fair share). He might even do a sketch or two, but he doesn’t take requests, especially not to draw Green Lantern.

He lives in middle England with a blonde eugenicist several cats and an irrational fear of aquatic lifeforms.