Peter Hogan Joins The ICE 2016 Guestlist


Just when you thought we’d maxed out on guests at ICE 2016 we are delighted to announce that acclaimed writer Peter Hogan will be joining us for the full weekend, taking in part in signings and an exclusive interview about his work with Dark Horse Comics.

Peter Hogan has been writing comics for 25 years, starting out in Britain’s 2000AD, before being signed up by Vertigo to write Sandman spin-off stories for THE DREAMING and SANDMAN PRESENTS (with Neil Gaiman’s approval).


After this, he was recruited by Alan Moore to work for his ABC imprint, for which he wrote a TESLA STRONG special and several issues of TOM STRONG, as well as two miniseries of the superhero title TERRA OBSCURA (which he co-plotted with Moore before going on to write the scripts himself). After Moore’s departure (and with his blessing), Hogan went on to write two TOM STRONG miniseries working with acclaimed artist Chris Sprouse.

In the course of his career he has also written stories featuring BATMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA, as well as contributing a horror story to Alan Moore’s ELECTRICOMICS anthology.


Hogan is currently writing two original series of his own for Dark Horse Comics: the fantasy adventure KING’S ROAD with fellow ICE guest Phil Winslade and the sci-fi detective series RESIDENT ALIEN with the legendary artist Steve Parkhouse.


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