Walking Dead Artist Returns For ICE 2016


Charlie Sketches for fans at ICE 2015

Charlie Adlard – artist and co creator on the insanely popular comic series The Walking Dead, is returning to Britain’s Coolest Comic Convention for his second year running this September.


Detail from the Stunning White Death Graphic Novel

Charlie has been a “veteran” of the comic industry for over 20 years. He’s spent the majority of his time since 2004 working on The Walking Dead for which he has received many industry awards. In his time as a cartoonist he has worked on many other projects as far reaching as Mars Attacks, the X-Files, Judge Dredd, Savage, Batman, X-Men, Superman etc and creator-owned projects closer to his heart like Astronauts In Trouble, Codeflesh, Rock Bottom, and White Death.


He was born on the 4th August 1966 in the town of Shrewsbury, England and, having moved away to study film and video at art college,eventually moved back and still resides there today.

Before moving back to Shrewsbury, he spent a brief stint in London, finding out that the BA he’d earned at art college was pretty useless in getting a job in the film industry, and after failing to set the world alight playing the drums in a rock band, eventually settled on the “third” option, which was comics. An option he finally realised should have been number one right from the beginning.


A panel detail from the stylish Codeflesh book published by Image Comics

After spending two years back in Shrewsbury, working on a portfolio, he eventually found his first work at the Judge Dredd Megazine in 1992 and hasn’t looked back since.

He now plays drums in the band Cosmic Rays so he’s not completely left his musical ambitions behind. Check out their great album here: www.spaceheadrecords.co.uk

Topping an already stellar guestlist, the man often dubbed “The Nicest Guy In Comics” will be sketching and signing for fans and taking part in a fun panel.


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