Writer and Creative Force behind Aftershock, Joe Pruett, Confirms for ICE 2016

Joe's FB photoIt’s a really exciting time to be reading comics at the moment as more and more creators unleash their unique visions into the world. Many year’s ago there was just a small trickle of creator owned comics on the market, but now more and more readers are turning to publishers who are willing to take risks and allow great creators the freedom to do their own thing and break new ground.

A man who has been right at the forefront of that approach to comics for many years is our latest overseas guest to confirm for ICE 2016, writer and creator Joe Pruett.

Now continuing to break new ground as AfterShock’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe, is also an Eisner award winning comic book editor, publisher, and writer with over 25 years of experience. He has been nominated for numerous Eisner and Harvey awards as a writer, editor and publisher, including for his work on Negative Burn at Caliber Comics.

aftershocklogo1He is also known for his work at Marvel, where he wrote for X-Men Unlimited, Wolverine, and Cable. Joe founded Desperado Publishing in 2004, which had a publishing partnership with Image Comics and IDW, and is a founding member of AfterShock Comics.

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