Definitive Transformers Writer Simon Furman Confirms for ICE 2016

SF_author_2015ICE 2016 welcomes legendary and prolific writer Simon Furman to his first visit to Britain’s Coolest Comics Convention.

Simon Furman is a name inextricably linked to Transformers, the 80s toy phenomenon.

He has written literally hundreds of stories about the war-torn ‘robots in disguise’, for Marvel Comics (US and UK), Dreamwave and most recently Transformers: Infiltration/Escalation, Beast Wars: The GatheringTransformers: Stormbringer and Transformers: Spotlight for IDW Publishing.

His other comic book credits include Dragon’s Claws, Death’s Head, Alpha FlightTurokShe-HulkRobocop and What If?

 In the TV animation field, Furman has written for shows such as Beast WarsRoswell ConspiraciesDan DareX-Men: EvolutionAlien 100cover_coloursCRacers and A.T.O.M.

Editorially, Furman oversees Titan Books’ range of Transformers titles and their ‘Comics Creators’ series (which includes Comics Creators on X-Men and Writers on Comics Scriptwriting 2).

Furman’s recent/current writing work includes Terminator 2 — Infinity (for Dynamite), Ronan and Death’s Head 3.0 (both for Marvel), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Fast ForwardA.T.O.M (the comic) and Wallace & Gromit. He is also the author of Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, a lavish twentieth anniversary hardcover, You Can Draw TransformersTransformers: The Movie Guide and a Dr. Who audio adventure (‘The Axis of Insanity’).

Next year Simon will be re uniting with artist Geoff Senior on a new creator owned project and here’s a glimpse of the stunning promo artwork:


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