Carlos Ezquerra Now Confirmed for ICE 2015

PROFILE PICThis year at ICE  is a real treat for 2000ad and Dredd fans, and we’re thrilled to top it off with the confirmation that Judge Dredd co creator and legendary artist Carlos Ezquerra is now confirmed as our latest star guest.

The Spanish artist is also well know for his role in creating Strontium Dog with writer and long time collaborator John Wagner as well as Dredd, but his first work for IPC in London was on the classic comic “Battle” illustrating strips like Rat Pack and Major Eazy.

Since then Carlos has inspired a generation of comic artists with his unmistakable and powerful drawing style on a variety of strips including dozens of classic Dredd and Strontium Dog stories with DREDDANDJOHHNYALPHAJohn Wagner, Third World War, which featured in Crisis Magazine, with Pat Mills and some Durham Red stories with Alan Grant to name just a few.

The is Carlos’ first visit to ICE and we are looking forward to welcoming to Birmingham in September for what promises to be a very special convention experience.

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