Wagner_HeadshotWe are very happy to announce that the legendary writer and creator John Wagner has now confirmed as the latest guest for ICE 2015.

John’s career in comics began in the late 1960’s as a member of the editorial staff  with D. C. Thomson & Co. before becoming a freelance writer and a staff editor at IPC in the 1970s

In that decade he wrote an immeasurable amount of material and established himself as a highly sought after and talented writer.

FIST OF DREDDMost well known for the creation of the iconic Judge Dredd along with artist Carlos Ezquerra, Wagner also created other great characters like Strondium Dog and Robo Hunter for 2000ad.

In the 80’s he also worked alongside fellow writer Alan Grant on Detective Comics penning some of the most memorable Batman stories of that era.

His stand alone graphic novel “A History of Violence” was adapted into a film by maverick director David Cronenberg with an award wining screenplay by Josh Olsen.

Detective_Comics_583We look forward to welcoming John to his first ICE in September


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