The New Comics Laureate Dave Gibbons Now Confirmed

davegibbonsatbicsPrimarily as a Guest Speaker at our sister event Comics Uncovered, the Watchmen and Kingsman artist and co creator DAVE GIBBONS will be making a very special appearance at ICE 2015.

Dave is unlikely to require an introduction to anyone who has even a passing interest in the comics form.

He has worked on renowned runs on classic titles such as 2000ad, Doctor Who and Green Lantern to his iconic and ground breaking work on Watchmen and then achieved incredible critical success on creator owned works such as his own The Originals, Give Me Liberty with Frank Miller and most recently with Mark Millar on Secret Service, which is now hitting cinemas as Kingsman. Dave Gibbons has proven over and over that he is one of the most consistently innovative and talented creators in the business, not just as an artist, but also as a writer.

originalsart1Dave’s recent appointment as the first Comics Laureate means that he is now continuing to break new ground, not just as a creator but as an ambassador – Bridging the gap between the wonderful medium of comics and young readers.

And we’ll be celebrating this at ICE with a special Comics Uncovered for Juniors event hosted by Dave himself in which the Legendary artist passes on the benefit of his huge experience to young up and coming creators who may well become the next generation of secret serviceart1superstar comic artists and writers.

More details of this exclusive event (which will be free to all children and young people attending ICE on the Saturday) will be revealed in the summer, so watch this space!!

2 thoughts on “The New Comics Laureate Dave Gibbons Now Confirmed

  1. That’s really cool news and a great initiative. Dave is a fantastic ambassador.

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