Jessica Martin – Our Indy Spotlight Guest

JessicaMartinprolfilepicJessica Martin is a musical theatre actress also known for her impressionist work
in “Spitting Image” and appearances in “Doctor Who”. She recently turned her
storytelling skills to writing and illustrating comics. Her main themes are film
history and stories with a strong female protagonist. Her first published work
was a short story illustrated by Mark Buckingham for the Thought Bubble
anthology 2013. Jessica’s first mini comic “It Girl” based on the life of Clara Bow,
was self published last year and was selected as one of the “Ten Must Own
Comics of 2013” by Broken Frontier Press.
Her graphic novel in progress, “Elsie Harris Picture Palace” set in the Thirties
film industry was recently shortlisted for the Myriad Editions First Graphic
Novel Prize.
Jessica’s next published work will be art for the “To End All Wars” anthology
published by Soaring Penguin Press. She is also writing and illustrating a story
for “To Arms”, another World War One graphic anthology.
Jessica blogs regularly on her website at


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