Rare Appearance From 2000ad Artist

Original Art From Dave will also be on sale at the Expo

Original Art From Dave will also be on sale at the Expo

We at ICE are very proud to announce that we’ll be hosting a rare appearance from 2000ad legend David Roach at this year’s Expo.

David started drawing comics at the age of 21 when he worked on Nemesis the Warlock for 2000Ad ( book 8) before moving over to Judge Anderson which he drew for 5 years. Engram, which told her orign, is probably Dave’s  most well known Anderson strip from that Era.

In the 90s he worked almost exclusively for American companies drawing Batman, Star Wars, Aliens, Star Trek and doing a lot of inking as well. In addition he was a regular artist on numerous Dungeons and Dragons books for Wizards Of The Ghost.

In the new Millenium David returned to British comics as a regular inker on Dr Who and a semi regular artist on Judge Dredd, both of which he loves. At the moment David is working on both the Dr Who strip ( as artist and inker) and he’s the regular cover artist for all the Dr Who Graphic novels.

Dave is also a writer, collector and historian of comics and popular culture and he’s just finished his 12th book- The Art of Vampirella; The Warren years.

Other books include the Warren Companion, The Art of War, The Fleetway Companion and providing the text for Lifestyle illustrations of the 50s and 60s.

Here’s a great Vampirella piece that David has allowed us to share with you:



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