Wave of New Guests Confirmed for ICE 2016

It’s not called Britain’s Coolest Comic Convention for nothing you know!

And this year ICE has become a Mecca for talented writers and artists  who want to be part of this annual convergence of comics  creativity and fun as we announce another wave of professionals attending this year’s expo.


First up is prolific writer and creator Andy Diggle. Well known for his stints as writer on Daredevil, Green Arrow and Theif of Theives. He’s also been Tharg at 2000ad and editor at Sonic The Comic. A sought after writer, who has worked with all of the major publishers including Marvel, DC and Image, Andy is returning to ICE after a great year last year and we are more than happy to welcome him back and I’m sure you will be too.



Next up is hot new cover artist Ryan Brown. This rising star digital cover artist and colourist was born in 1976 in Belfast and is currently wowing fans worldwide with his stunning cover art. Not only is his work beautiful to behold, but it carries a certain energy and power that few cover painters can match.

He has worked on comic books , board games , video games, concept art and album covers and his impressive client list includes Legendary Entertainment , Dark Horse Comics, Vertigo, IDW, 2000ad, Marvel and DC Comics among others.   Projects have included Mars Attacks, Judge Dredd, Creepy Comics, Ninja Turtles, V-Wars Jacked, and many more.
Ryan has also collaborated with some of the best in the business such as Simon bisley , matt Wagner , glenn Fabry , Greg staples , Liam sharp.

stottyOur third new guest is returning after a great year of success the one and only Rachael Stott.


Since breaking into the industry in 2015 with IDW’s Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover, Rachael Stott, British Comics Award’s Best Newcomer of 2015, has produced covers and interior work for a variety of publishers, but is most widely known as the current artist for Titan’s Twelfth Doctor comic and has become a regular fan favourite on these books.

robbie-morrison-PROFILE PIC

Photo by Deb Tate.

And last but certainly not least on or new guest announcements is one of Rachael’s collaborators on the Doctor Who series over at Titan Comics: Acclaimed writer Robbie Morrison.

Most well known for the long running 2000ad Classic serial Nikolai Dante, Robbie has also worked on The Authority, Batman and Wildcats. He also collaborated with Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard on the stunning Graphic Novel White Death, which both creators will available to sign copies of at the Expo.




Peter Hogan Joins The ICE 2016 Guestlist


Just when you thought we’d maxed out on guests at ICE 2016 we are delighted to announce that acclaimed writer Peter Hogan will be joining us for the full weekend, taking in part in signings and an exclusive interview about his work with Dark Horse Comics.

Peter Hogan has been writing comics for 25 years, starting out in Britain’s 2000AD, before being signed up by Vertigo to write Sandman spin-off stories for THE DREAMING and SANDMAN PRESENTS (with Neil Gaiman’s approval).


After this, he was recruited by Alan Moore to work for his ABC imprint, for which he wrote a TESLA STRONG special and several issues of TOM STRONG, as well as two miniseries of the superhero title TERRA OBSCURA (which he co-plotted with Moore before going on to write the scripts himself). After Moore’s departure (and with his blessing), Hogan went on to write two TOM STRONG miniseries working with acclaimed artist Chris Sprouse.

In the course of his career he has also written stories featuring BATMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA, as well as contributing a horror story to Alan Moore’s ELECTRICOMICS anthology.


Hogan is currently writing two original series of his own for Dark Horse Comics: the fantasy adventure KING’S ROAD with fellow ICE guest Phil Winslade and the sci-fi detective series RESIDENT ALIEN with the legendary artist Steve Parkhouse.


DC Bombshells Artist Drops In on ICE


We are pleased to announce that rising star artist Maria Laura Sanapo is our latest overseas guest to be announced for ICE 2016.

Maria Laura Sanapo is an Italian comic artist. After taking a degree in languages, she decided to become a comic artist taking lessons from Marco Santucci, her mentor.

She has worked for Valiant (inker for some Emanuela Lupacchino’s covers), Dynamite (inker for John Carter Warlord of Mars Covers on Emanuela Lupacchino’s pencils), Audi Commercial and Titan Comics (Penguins of Madagascar, Puss in Boots).


At the moment she’s a cover artist for Zenescope and interior artist for the new DC Comics series ‘Bombshells’ working with fellow ICE guests, Marguerite Bennett and Juan Albarran.

She loves music and opera and she performs in her free time.

Zenescope robyn 13 cover color-CROP

To know more about Maria’s projects check out her website here: mlsanapo.blogspot.com

Award Winning Writer Tony Lee Confims For ICE 2016

After missing 2015 due to work commitments, we are pleased to announce that writer Tony Lee will be joining us for ICE 2016, as well as running a comic writing workshop at Comics Uncovered on the Sunday.

Tony ICE

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A #1 New York Times Bestselling and Eagle Award winning writer of comics, books, audio plays, films and television, Tony has worked in the comics field for over a decade, writing for companies including DC, Marvel, IDW, Image, Titan, Rebellion, Dynamite, Random House, Walker Books and Markosia, working on licenses such as DOCTOR WHO, SPIDER MAN, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, SHREK, X-MEN, MACGYVER, SUPERBOY. STAR TREK, JUDGE DREDD and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES among others.
In 2012 his DOCTOR WHO #12 won the Eagle Award for ‘Favourite Single Story’.
In addition to comics, Tony also writes books for reluctant readers through Badger Learning, his titles including STALKER, MISTER SCRATCH, NOTICED, JIGSAW LADY, DR JEKYLL AND LITTLE MISS HYDE and OTIS, a modern day take on Shakespeare’s OTHELLO. In addition to this, Tony spends several days a month visiting schools across the globe with his ‘Change The Channel’ tour, concentrating on reluctant readers, convincing them to try books once more by ‘changing the channel’.


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Now moving into screenplays and working primarily in Los Angeles, his scripts currently in development include 52 PICKUP (Hereford Films / Platform Entertainment), CARTEL, starring Craig Fairbrass (Impact Entertainment / Red Rock Entertainment), THIRTY NINE STEPS (Damage cat Productions), a three film slate at Boxfly Pictures including historical thriller STOKER’S MONSTER: BEFORE DRACULA (co-created with Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker), wrestling comedy IN THE RING, starring Christopher Daniels and Frankie ‘Kaz’ Kazarian, and the sci-fi adventure ALSO KNOWN AS, which is also being launched at this year’s San Diego Comic Con as a graphic novel, with Christopher Jones (Young Justice) and Charlie Kirchoff (Doctor Who) on art duties.


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In addition to this, it was announced earlier this year in The Hollywood Reporter that Tony has been hand picked by Gianni Nunnari’s Hollywood Gang (300, The Departed, Seven, Immortals) to write a futuristic ROBIN HOOD screenplay for them.

Walking Dead Artist Returns For ICE 2016


Charlie Sketches for fans at ICE 2015

Charlie Adlard – artist and co creator on the insanely popular comic series The Walking Dead, is returning to Britain’s Coolest Comic Convention for his second year running this September.


Detail from the Stunning White Death Graphic Novel

Charlie has been a “veteran” of the comic industry for over 20 years. He’s spent the majority of his time since 2004 working on The Walking Dead for which he has received many industry awards. In his time as a cartoonist he has worked on many other projects as far reaching as Mars Attacks, the X-Files, Judge Dredd, Savage, Batman, X-Men, Superman etc and creator-owned projects closer to his heart like Astronauts In Trouble, Codeflesh, Rock Bottom, and White Death.


He was born on the 4th August 1966 in the town of Shrewsbury, England and, having moved away to study film and video at art college,eventually moved back and still resides there today.

Before moving back to Shrewsbury, he spent a brief stint in London, finding out that the BA he’d earned at art college was pretty useless in getting a job in the film industry, and after failing to set the world alight playing the drums in a rock band, eventually settled on the “third” option, which was comics. An option he finally realised should have been number one right from the beginning.


A panel detail from the stylish Codeflesh book published by Image Comics

After spending two years back in Shrewsbury, working on a portfolio, he eventually found his first work at the Judge Dredd Megazine in 1992 and hasn’t looked back since.

He now plays drums in the band Cosmic Rays so he’s not completely left his musical ambitions behind. Check out their great album here: www.spaceheadrecords.co.uk

Topping an already stellar guestlist, the man often dubbed “The Nicest Guy In Comics” will be sketching and signing for fans and taking part in a fun panel.

Acclaimed Writer Peter Milligan Confirms Appearance at ICE 2016

milligan12 crop.jpeg

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that legendary writer Peter Milligan is our latest guest to confirm for this year’s International Comic Expo in September.

x-statix-10Peter Milligan is an often controversial writer who was part of the “British wave” of writers who worked for DC Comic’s adult “vertigo” line. His notable works include Shade The Changing Man, the highly controversial Skin, The Extremist and Enigma.  His X-Statix was a hugely-popular re-imagining of the Marvel Comics’ “X-Men” world.

He has recently written Shadowman for Valiant Comics, Terminal Hero for Dynamic Forces, and a creator-owned series for Vertigo called The Names, besides writing a new DOOP mini series for Marvel Comics, Doop being the unexpected and absurd “breakout” character from the X-Statix hit.

hellblazercropPeter was also the longest writer on Hellblazer, telling the dark tales of now TV character John Constantine.

His most recent work for DC Vertigo is NEW ROMANCER, a sci-fi rom-com set in Silicon Valley involving the reanimated characters of Lord Byron and Casanova.



Superman Artist Marco Santucci Flies in for ICE 2016

Harley Quinn_02

Continuing with our overseas guest announcements here at ICE, we are very proud to be welcoming Italian Artist Marco Santucci to Birmingham in September as our special guest.

Multi talented artist Marco Santucci, was born in Arezzo in 1974 and he started training himself in the world of professional comics at the tender age of 16. Just four years later, at the age of 20, he started his career working on Italian super-hero miniseries “Nembo”, published by Phoenix publishing.

Black Cat vs Spidey

Within a short time, he moved up the ranks at Star Comics, where he drew two issues of the series” Samuel Sand”. At the same time, he continued to work in the graphic advertising industry.

Marco’s first real breakthrough came in 1998 with Sergio Bonelli Editore on the series, “Mister No”.

Then America came a calling and from 2008 to 2011 Marco worked for Marvel comics on “Secret Invasion: Spider-man”, “X-factor”,”Siege: Spider-Man” and “Captain America: Forever Allies” miniseries as penciller and inker.


In 2011 he worked on a couple of volumes of the French series entitled “La Mandragore”.

Today, Marco lives in Tscanny and he is still working for Sergio Bonelli Publishing and on series like Tex and Dampyr.

He is also currently wowing fans with his dynamic work on Superman for DC Comics.

Superman-WW Annual_Pencils_Page_05-06