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Robbie Morrison


Is one day of Comics Heaven not enough for you?

If that’s the case then check out all the extra bolt on events you can book for Sunday 6th September with ICE 2015 at our sister event Comics Uncovered at:

These amazing, and often exclusive, events all lift the lid on the creation of comics and are an essential opportunity for anyone seriously considering a career in the industry.

We already HAVE storytelling and penciling workshops, inking and colouring mater classes, and insightful seminars from such industry luminaries as Eric Stephenson, Dave Gibbons and Charlie Adlard on offer. The latest event to be announced as a bolt on for ICE fans is the Big Fat Writers Panel:


Your host…David Baillie, Writer at 2000ad and Vertigo Comics.

Join David Baillie as he hosts a round table panel with a selection of the most talented comics writers in the UK: Andy Diggle, Robbie Morrison and Ian Edginton. Together they’ll uncover the secrets of their success in the comic industry and answer questions such as: How do you break in? How do you stay in? And what is it like to go from writing for 2000AD to the fabled Big Two and beyond? Expect anecdotes aplenty about the many challenges and rewards of working with editors, artists and publishers – topped off with a Q&A session where no holds are barred.

Keep an eye on the website for more Sunday Bolt on offers being added over the next 7 days.

Breakthrough Artist Rachael Stott Now Confirmed

stotty1We at ICE are very proud to shine the Indy Spotlight this year on the Star Trek / Planet Of the Apes artist Rachael Stott.

She has wowed fans and critics alike with her work on the IDW and BOOM! Studious crossover series and looks set to keep on making waves with her stunning art for may years to come.

Formally a resident of Birmingham and regular visitor to local conventions, Rachael has since moved to the capital so it’s great to welcome her back to her old stomping ground as our very special guest. where she’ll be signing and sketching for fans.



Don’t worry it’s not an earthquake…

Aftershock is a major new American comic book publisher registering high on the Richter scale of Comics and Graphic Novels movers and shakers, and they are coming to the UK this September in search of talent!


It has been widely reported in the comics press that former Marvel Comics Executive Editor Michael Marts has joined former Marvel Comics writer Joe Pruett and former senior executive at Facebook Michael Richter, to take up the post of Editor In Chief at Aftershock Comics, a brand new comic book company that combines the creative edge of an independent publisher with the strengths of a traditional one.

The fledgling publisher is set to be a major player in the comic book and graphic novels market with Michael Marts having spearheaded several of the industry’s most popular franchises including Batman, the X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy within his 20 years of editorial experience.

As well as signing up top talent from the industry the new Editor In Chief will be making an exclusive UK visit to ICE and our sister eevnt Comics Uncovered, in an effort to find talented artists among the many British and European hopefuls attending the conference.

Mike will also be taking part in a special panel on the Saturday introducing UK fans to the new worlds of Aftershock Comics!

As an honoured guest at the conference, Marts will be conducting one to one portfolio reviews with aspiring comic artists as well as taking part in a panel introducing Aftershock Comics to the UK readers.


joerubenstienprofilepicHere at ICE we are very proud indeed to announce that the most prolific and one of the greatest inkers in comics, Josef “Joe” Rubinstein has confirmed as our latest overseas guest for our 2015 expo this September in Birmingham.
Joe started his artist career in the early 1970s as a teenager. Primarily working as an inker, his artwork has been published by every major U.S. comics publisher including  Marvel ComicsDC Comics and Dark Horse Comics .
One of his most important works has been inking  The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe over a span of twenty years for which he holds a Guinness World Record of inking more pencilers than any other inker.
Among his extensive inking credits (which include more than 2,500
imagescomic books), were work with Michael Golden on MicronautsJim Starlin‘s  Warlock, Frank Miller‘s original Wolverine  mini-series that was the basis for the last Wolverine movie and  Aquaman with Don Newton.
Later assignments included a  mini-series  for  Dark Horse Comics  called Archenemies, and he co-inked issues of  DC Comics‘  Ion  mini-series. He currently inks projects for DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Kingstone Publishing.
In addition to signing and sketching for fans at his table on the Saturday Joe will also be conducting two exclusive master classes on the subject of Inking at our


The climax to what is arguably one of the greatest action sequences ever to be put to a comic book page in Wolverine #4. Pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Joe Rubinstein.

sister event Comics Uncovered, giving aspiring artists in the UK a once in a life time opportunity to learn the craft of inking from one of the most experienced and skilled inkers the industry has ever known.

Carlos Ezquerra Now Confirmed for ICE 2015

PROFILE PICThis year at ICE  is a real treat for 2000ad and Dredd fans, and we’re thrilled to top it off with the confirmation that Judge Dredd co creator and legendary artist Carlos Ezquerra is now confirmed as our latest star guest.

The Spanish artist is also well know for his role in creating Strontium Dog with writer and long time collaborator John Wagner as well as Dredd, but his first work for IPC in London was on the classic comic “Battle” illustrating strips like Rat Pack and Major Eazy.

Since then Carlos has inspired a generation of comic artists with his unmistakable and powerful drawing style on a variety of strips including dozens of classic Dredd and Strontium Dog stories with DREDDANDJOHHNYALPHAJohn Wagner, Third World War, which featured in Crisis Magazine, with Pat Mills and some Durham Red stories with Alan Grant to name just a few.

The is Carlos’ first visit to ICE and we are looking forward to welcoming to Birmingham in September for what promises to be a very special convention experience.


Wagner_HeadshotWe are very happy to announce that the legendary writer and creator John Wagner has now confirmed as the latest guest for ICE 2015.

John’s career in comics began in the late 1960’s as a member of the editorial staff  with D. C. Thomson & Co. before becoming a freelance writer and a staff editor at IPC in the 1970s

In that decade he wrote an immeasurable amount of material and established himself as a highly sought after and talented writer.

FIST OF DREDDMost well known for the creation of the iconic Judge Dredd along with artist Carlos Ezquerra, Wagner also created other great characters like Strondium Dog and Robo Hunter for 2000ad.

In the 80’s he also worked alongside fellow writer Alan Grant on Detective Comics penning some of the most memorable Batman stories of that era.

His stand alone graphic novel “A History of Violence” was adapted into a film by maverick director David Cronenberg with an award wining screenplay by Josh Olsen.

Detective_Comics_583We look forward to welcoming John to his first ICE in September

Irish Superstar Artist Declan Shalvey Now Confirmed!

Declan1Returning for his second year at Britain’s Coolest Comic Convention is the award winning Declan Shalvey.

Declan is an artist best known from his work on the recent MOON KNIGHT relaunch with Writer Warren Ellis for Marvel Comics.

He has worked on many other series for Marvel such as VENOM and DEADPOOL as well as work with other publishers such as CONAN for Dark Horse Comics and NORTHLANDERS for DC/Vertigo.

mk1His next series is a creator owned project with Warren Ellis called INJECTION, published by Image Comics