Acclaimed Writer Peter Milligan Confirms Appearance at ICE 2016

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that legendary writer Peter Milligan is our latest guest to confirm for this year’s International Comic Expo in September.

x-statix-10Peter Milligan is an often controversial writer who was part of the “British wave” of writers who worked for DC Comic’s adult “vertigo” line. His notable works include Shade The Changing Man, the highly controversial Skin, The Extremist and Enigma.  His X-Statix was a hugely-popular re-imagining of the Marvel Comics’ “X-Men” world.

He has recently written Shadowman for Valiant Comics, Terminal Hero for Dynamic Forces, and a creator-owned series for Vertigo called The Names, besides writing a new DOOP mini series for Marvel Comics, Doop being the unexpected and absurd “breakout” character from the X-Statix hit.

hellblazercropPeter was also the longest writer on Hellblazer, telling the dark tales of now TV character John Constantine.

His most recent work for DC Vertigo is NEW ROMANCER, a sci-fi rom-com set in Silicon Valley involving the reanimated characters of Lord Byron and Casanova.



Superman Artist Marco Santucci Flies in for ICE 2016

Harley Quinn_02

Continuing with our overseas guest announcements here at ICE, we are very proud to be welcoming Italian Artist Marco Santucci to Birmingham in September as our special guest.

Multi talented artist Marco Santucci, was born in Arezzo in 1974 and he started training himself in the world of professional comics at the tender age of 16. Just four years later, at the age of 20, he started his career working on Italian super-hero miniseries “Nembo”, published by Phoenix publishing.

Black Cat vs Spidey

Within a short time, he moved up the ranks at Star Comics, where he drew two issues of the series” Samuel Sand”. At the same time, he continued to work in the graphic advertising industry.

Marco’s first real breakthrough came in 1998 with Sergio Bonelli Editore on the series, “Mister No”.

Then America came a calling and from 2008 to 2011 Marco worked for Marvel comics on “Secret Invasion: Spider-man”, “X-factor”,”Siege: Spider-Man” and “Captain America: Forever Allies” miniseries as penciller and inker.


In 2011 he worked on a couple of volumes of the French series entitled “La Mandragore”.

Today, Marco lives in Tscanny and he is still working for Sergio Bonelli Publishing and on series like Tex and Dampyr.

He is also currently wowing fans with his dynamic work on Superman for DC Comics.

Superman-WW Annual_Pencils_Page_05-06


Juan AlbarranHere at ICE we pride ourselves on our many firsts over the years, and this year is no exception!

We enjoy exposing our visitors to hot new creators from all over the world as well as the big names and the legends. After all, these new artists and writers are the legends of the future.

Therefore we are very proud to announce that we have confirmed Spanish artist and inker Juan Albarran as one of our overseas guests for ICE 2016.

Juan has actually been working for DC comics as a professional inker for some time now and has dozens of inker credits to his name with the legendary publisher.

Highlights include working on Nightwing and Batgirl for the New 52, Mortal Kombat and very recently DC’s acclaimed Bombshells series.

He is also working on “Hoy Me Ha Pasado Algo Muy Bestia”  for Norma Comics, out in April this year and Le Transsibérien from Soleil Productions.


He is now regular inker on both “Injustice: Gods Among Us” and the new “Dark Archer” series for DC Comics.

This is Juan’s first professional UK appearance and he is really looking forward to meeting all of the British fans at ICE.



Daredevil TV Series Writing Team Confirmed for ICE 2016

In our first overseas guest announcement for the new year we are thrilled to announce that the husband and wife team of Christos Cage and Ruth Fletcher Gage will be flying over from the US as our honoured guests for The International Comic Expo in September.


CNG headshot 2015Comics Fans will be familiar with the work of Christos Gage from his superb run on Buffy The Vampire Slayer for Dark Horse Comics but in fact he has a decade’s worth of comic book credits, including , SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS ACADEMY and many more, as well as the original graphic novels AREA 10 and SUNSET. He has made the New York Times bestseller list four times, with SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and his first three volumes of BUFFY. He was writer and Associate Producer of the Larry Clark-directed film TEENAGE CAVEMAN for HBO.


His video game writing credits include AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, CAPTAIN AMERICA: SUPER SOLDIER and the IRON MAN 3 and CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER mobile games. He graduated Brown University and holds a Masters Degree in screen writing from the American Film Institute.


Ruth at ALA 3Ruth Fletcher Gage has spent her life moving between the political and creative worlds. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UNC Chapel Hill as an IBM/Awalt Scholar in Directing.

She attended Oxford University and worked at the Goodman Theater in Chicago with Tony, Pulitzer and Academy Award winning writers and directors like August Wilson and Steve Tesich. Her first work in film was for Michael Mann and Jon Landau on LAST OF THE MOHICANS. Ruth then worked on the combined campaign for Governor James B. Hunt and Clinton/Gore, where she was a liaison to the Hollywood Women’s Political Committee.


She went on to work with the movies RICHIE RICH and HEAVYWEIGHTS through her job with the Secretary of Cultural Resources. She also served in offices of the NCDP, including National Committee Woman. Ruth earned an MFA from the American Film Institute, producing the Directing Workshop for Women and attaching Emmy Award winner Charles S. Dutton to her thesis screenplay. As Development Executive at Thunderbird Pictures, she developed the indie KLASH and, with Christos, sold A PLACE FOR US with Dennis Hopper.

Since that time, Ruth and Christos have written as partners for television and film. Their work has been nominated for numerous awards, including SHINE and Harvey awards. They’ve written movie screenplays for Universal, Sony and Warner Brothers, as well as such actors as George Clooney and Morgan Freeman. Their produced credits include the indie films THE BREED and PARADOX. In television, they’ve worked with award-winning actors like Michael Emerson, Viola Davis and Vincent D’Onofrio. Their credits include NUMBERS and LAW & ORDER: SVU, where Dick Wolf called their episode “Mercy” his favorite of the series and “an incredible paradigm for where the show should be going”. Most recently, they were brought in by Drew Goddard to be part of the inaugural writing staff of the acclaimed Marvel/Netflix television show DAREDEVIL. Since its release, it has become Netflix’s highest rated show, and their episode has been one of the most critically acclaimed by reviewers from the Los Angeles Times to Nerdist.

lion of roraThe Gages’ first collaboration on a graphic novel, THE LION OF RORA, was released by Oni Press this past August and already been critically acclaimed.

Here at ICE we love the work of this duo and we are thrilled that they are both able to be part of this year’s expo.

Legendary UK artist Geoff Senior Joins the ICE 2016 Guest List

TO THE DEATH PROMOJoining his long time collaborator Simon Furman this year at ICE will be the one and only Geoff Senior.

The London based artist, well known for his work on Transformers, Death’s Head and Dragon’s Claws is making a rare convention appearance to promote his new co creation with Furman entitled “To The Death”.


Fans of the artist who remember his action packed stories in the pages of various Marvel UK and IPC Magazine titles from the 80’s through to the 90’s will be thrilled to see him back on a new project and appearing in Birmingham after so many years working away from comics and away from the public eye.

Writer and Creative Force behind Aftershock, Joe Pruett, Confirms for ICE 2016

Joe's FB photoIt’s a really exciting time to be reading comics at the moment as more and more creators unleash their unique visions into the world. Many year’s ago there was just a small trickle of creator owned comics on the market, but now more and more readers are turning to publishers who are willing to take risks and allow great creators the freedom to do their own thing and break new ground.

A man who has been right at the forefront of that approach to comics for many years is our latest overseas guest to confirm for ICE 2016, writer and creator Joe Pruett.

Now continuing to break new ground as AfterShock’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe, is also an Eisner award winning comic book editor, publisher, and writer with over 25 years of experience. He has been nominated for numerous Eisner and Harvey awards as a writer, editor and publisher, including for his work on Negative Burn at Caliber Comics.

aftershocklogo1He is also known for his work at Marvel, where he wrote for X-Men Unlimited, Wolverine, and Cable. Joe founded Desperado Publishing in 2004, which had a publishing partnership with Image Comics and IDW, and is a founding member of AfterShock Comics.

Definitive Transformers Writer Simon Furman Confirms for ICE 2016

SF_author_2015ICE 2016 welcomes legendary and prolific writer Simon Furman to his first visit to Britain’s Coolest Comics Convention.

Simon Furman is a name inextricably linked to Transformers, the 80s toy phenomenon.

He has written literally hundreds of stories about the war-torn ‘robots in disguise’, for Marvel Comics (US and UK), Dreamwave and most recently Transformers: Infiltration/Escalation, Beast Wars: The GatheringTransformers: Stormbringer and Transformers: Spotlight for IDW Publishing.

His other comic book credits include Dragon’s Claws, Death’s Head, Alpha FlightTurokShe-HulkRobocop and What If?

 In the TV animation field, Furman has written for shows such as Beast WarsRoswell ConspiraciesDan DareX-Men: EvolutionAlien 100cover_coloursCRacers and A.T.O.M.

Editorially, Furman oversees Titan Books’ range of Transformers titles and their ‘Comics Creators’ series (which includes Comics Creators on X-Men and Writers on Comics Scriptwriting 2).

Furman’s recent/current writing work includes Terminator 2 — Infinity (for Dynamite), Ronan and Death’s Head 3.0 (both for Marvel), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Fast ForwardA.T.O.M (the comic) and Wallace & Gromit. He is also the author of Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, a lavish twentieth anniversary hardcover, You Can Draw TransformersTransformers: The Movie Guide and a Dr. Who audio adventure (‘The Axis of Insanity’).

Next year Simon will be re uniting with artist Geoff Senior on a new creator owned project and here’s a glimpse of the stunning promo artwork: